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West Reserve Historical Series

  • Voice in the Wilderness: Memoirs of Peter A. Elias (1843-1925) / translated and edited by Adolf Ens and Henry Unger.
  • Reinländer (Old Colony) Gemeinde Buch: Second edition / edited by John Dyck, William Harms; Revised by Martha Martens, John Penner & Mavis Dyck.
  • 1880 Village Census of the Mennonite West Reserve...  / edited by John Dyck & William Harms.
  • Church, Family and Village: Essays on Mennonite Life on the West Reserve / edited by Adolf Ens, Jake E. Peters & Otto Hamm. 
  • Sommerfeld Gemeinde Buch: Registers of the Church at West Lynne 1881-1935 / edited by Henry Unger, Martha Martens & Adolf Ens. 

East Reserve Historical Series

  • Working Papers of the East Reserve Village Histories 1874-1910 / edited by John Dyck. 
  • Bergthal Gemeinde Buch... / edited by John Dyck.
  • Historical Sketches of the East Reserve 1874-1910 / edited by John Dyck.
  • Settlers of the East Reserve: Moving in, Moving out, Staying /  edited by Adolf Ens, Ernie Braun & Henry Fast.
  • A History of the Chortitzer Mennonite Church of Manitoba 1874-1914 / by Dennis E. Stoesz.
  • Historical atlas of the East Reserve / edited by Ernest N. Braun & Glen R. Klassen

Russian Mennonite Genealogy Series

  • Mennonite Migration to Russia 1788-1828 / by Peter Rempel; edited by Richard D. Thiessen & Alfred H. Redekopp. 
  • B.H. Unruh's Research on Mennonite Migration to Russia, 1787-1895: A Translation from Part 2 of Benjamin Heinrich Unruh's Die niederlaendisch-niederdeutschen Hintergruende der mennonitischen Ostwanderungen im 16., 18. und 19. Jahrhundert (Selbstverlag: Karlruhe, 1955)  / by Edward Enns, Bert Friesen, Marianne Janzen and Alf Redekopp.

Other Books about Manitoba Mennonites

  • The Mennonite Settlements of Southern Manitoba / by John Warkentin.
  • Building Communities: The Changing Face of Manitoba Mennonites / by John J. Friesen.
  • Oberschulze Jakob Peters 1813-1884: Manitoba Pioneer Leader / by John Dyck.

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